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Our Mission

To Clients

You have expectations. Our desire is to exceed them.

How do we exceed our clients’ expectations? First and foremost, we only hire knowledgeable and caring professionals who understand the importance of exceeding expectations every step of every loan, one client at a time, by providing individualized products, an intuitive process, and impeccable service. Because you trust us with your largest financial investment, we are going to ensure that you are working with the best in the industry.

To Business Partners

You have a reputation to maintain. Our focus is to improve upon it and make you look even better.

How do we improve our business partners’ reputations? Through an extensive communication process that keeps you informed throughout the lending process, impressing everyone along the way. Through this communication, our knowledgeable and caring professionals work toward a timely closing with no last-minute, unwanted surprises.

To Employees

You have a life. We want you to live it.
We have a selective process to hire individuals that will enhance the goals of this mission statement, and we consider you the best in the industry. We will always strive to create a work environment that you love and enjoy. We believe in hard work, but not at the expense of losing sight of true priorities: God, Family, Health, Friends and Community.

To the community

You have needs. We want to reach out and help.

Helping others is what Blue Skye Lending is all about. We believe in the ripple effect. If we can dare to be different and allow our focus to be on improving lives, whether it’s through helping our clients purchase their dream home, making work more enjoyable, or helping a friend in need, our community will be a better place to live. If we each touch at least one life in a positive way each day, we will make a difference! THAT is TRUE SUCCESS and THAT is OUR MISSION!
“Financing Your Dreams”

Get To Know Us

Blue Who?

Blue Skye Lending was started with a simple idea—that we can make the Florida mortgage industry better, one loan at a time.

The Blue Crew

We’re a team of everyday people who just happen to have a ton of mortgage financing knowledge, and we love to share what we know.

Our Communities

We work with homebuyers from any city or county within the state of Florida, from Pensacola to Key West (and everywhere in between).

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