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Our Communities

Blue Skye Lending can help you finance your dream home anywhere across the state of Florida. Whether you’re a homebuyer, a Realtor, or developer, we’ve got you covered.

Hoping for a first-time home in Okeechobee? Desiring to “snowbird” in a West Palm Beach condo? Found your forever home in Fort Walton Beach? Yep, we work there—and everywhere in between. Start your loan application now.

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A Blue Skye Across Florida

Our licensed crew of experts can assist you in nearly every neighborhood, town, city, or county in the Sunshine State. 

Get To Know Us

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Blue Who?

Blue Skye Lending was started with a simple idea—that we can make the Florida mortgage industry better, one loan at a time.

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The Blue Crew

We’re a team of everyday people who just happen to have a ton of mortgage financing knowledge, and we love to share what we know.

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Let's Chat

We’re friendly and approachable, and we’d love to hear from you. Our mortgage gurus are here to answer any question you may have.

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