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Is Blue Skye Lending a mortgage broker?

Yes! Blue Skye Lending is a Florida Mortgage Broker, which means we have wholesale relationships with multiplebanks and lenders, and we can provide mortgages throughout the State of Florida.


Having access to multiple banks and Lenders allows us to best represent you. This is HUGE for our clients. We are not limited to one bank’s products, rates, underwriting, lead times, customer service issues, or the stifling dynamics of corporate protocol. Basically, you’re not going to get stuck with a bank that doesn’t suit you.


Being a broker allows us to provide competitive rates and pricing.  Suppose we only worked with one bank or lender (we don’t!), that would mean we would only have access to that lender’s rate. In reality, we have access to multiple banks and lenders, allowing us to provide multiple rates and options! 

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